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Ivanka Trump Women's Oasia Pump Black Patent perfect cheap online WPRGfJHNI Ivanka Trump Women's Oasia Pump Black Patent perfect cheap online WPRGfJHNI Ivanka Trump Women's Oasia Pump Black Patent perfect cheap online WPRGfJHNI Ivanka Trump Women's Oasia Pump Black Patent perfect cheap online WPRGfJHNI Ivanka Trump Women's Oasia Pump Black Patent perfect cheap online WPRGfJHNI

Thank you for the kind words Raheel, there’s still much to say on the topic but a list of main points can be helpful sometimes.


We are the victims of a deliberate attack as defined in “Reputation Bombs” in this article. Although it is not affecting us too badly, we hate seeing it out there. Steps we have taken are as follows:

1: Paid rip-off report their $2,000 fee but this has resulted in nothing 2: Tried to contact pissedconsumer but no reply. 3: trying to get court order to compel google to release name of the anonymous poster and shut down the site.

But we still need help. Most reputation management companies want $10,000-$15,000 but guarantee no results. This is as bad as ID theft but in a larger scale.


Hi Rudy, sorry to hear you company has been attacked. I understand you want to get rid of those “stains” as soon as possible. Honestly, I think there is no point in hiring a reputation management company if they don’t guarantee results!

If you want to know more about how we can help you, I just added you on Facebook and emailed you.


I am sorry you were attacked. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more nowadays as businesses understand the negative impact they can have on their competitors.


Hi Rudy,

The reason no one can give a guarantee is because no one controls Google. Algorithmic changes happen frequently – organic search results are always changing.

In 2013, Google took direct action against mugshot websites that extort money from individuals by posting their mugshot on their site. Hopefully, we’ll soon see similar action against BS sites like ripoffreport and pissedconsumer.

For pissedconsumer, we tried a strategy to replace the negative article with a positive article and it worked well. The client still has a pissedconsumer listing in their search results, but now when people click on it, they see that it’s a positive review. You can do it yourself – details are at: adidas outdoor Mens Terrex AX2R GTX Shoe 85 Black/Black/Grey Five amazon where can you find cheap price low shipping fee ETc831Ja9

As for ripoff report, there content is protected because they’re operated outside of the United States. You’ll never get content removed, the best you can hope is to win a judgement and legally require Google/Bing to remove the page about you from their indices. Here’s an audio interview I did with a client who went through this process. You’re looking at about $7-10k to engage a lawyer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0zIzYVx-eo (First person speaking is my client).

Aside from those actions, contacting either site is pointless, as you know. If you want to get rid of that stuff from page 1 of Google, you’re going to need to do one of two things:

The key threat to any observational study is bias from factors that cannot be observed and controlled. Randomized clinical trials address this issue with randomization, the proverbial flip of a coin. As its source of random variation, the Prentice et al study used physician prescribing patterns instead. Patients were effectively randomized to receive an SU or TZD according to the how frequently their physician prescribed one over the other in the prior year. Patients cared for by a clinician more likely to prescribe an SU can be thought of as more likely to be randomized to receive an SU, and similarly for TZDs. Supporting this approach, prescribing pattern has been applied as cheap sale authentic New Balance Womens 574v1 Sneaker Black/Champagne Metallic cheap low price clearance online amazon perfect sale factory outlet 10PTVcZ
in prior work .

Such prescribing patterns are only a valid source of randomization if, like an RCT’s coin flip, they are not correlated with any unobservable factor that also affects outcomes (for example, general quality of care). This is the key assumption and the one many people find hard to swallow for instrumental variable studies. How do we increase our confidence this assumption holds in this case?

If prescribing pattern is a good randomizer, there should be a balance of observable factors , like demographics or prevalence of other diagnoses, among patients more commonly prescribed SUs or TDZs. If we observe such balance, that should increase our confidence that there is also balance among unobservable factors too, just like in an RCT. Checking balance on observables is Soft Style by Hush Puppies Womens Gianna Dress Pump Black Lamy/Patent clearance wholesale price bQQSIH
, and one that is standard in RCT reporting. Prentice’s team conducted this falsification test and showed balance in demographic, diagnoses, and provider quality variables. That’s all we expect to see to convince us of an RCT’s validity, but this is an instrumental variable study, so Prentice’s team did more.

Imagine if an RCT’s coin flip was found to affect outcomes even in a population that never received the treatment under study (that is, those assigned to treatment didn’t receive it). This would suggest the coin flip that was thought to be random really was not, invalidating the RCT. This can occur if, for example, there is a breakdown in procedure and people assigned to the treatment group are systematically different than those assigned to the control group.

The same logic applies to instrumental variable studies, and Prentice and coauthors looked for evidence of such a problem. The authors examined 2 populations that bracketed the study population in disease severity and did not receive the treatment under study: a healthier population taking metformin (typically the first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes) but not receiving a second-line treatment and a sicker population that had been prescribed metformin and then insulin without any other diabetes drug. The same potential bias related to causal factors that are unobservable to the researcher (if there are any) is as likely to apply to these 2 populations as to the primary sample. So if prescribing patterns were correlated with outcomes in these populations, that would invalidate it as a randomizer. (A JAMA Viewpoint by outlet amazon free shipping amazon HUF Mens Classic Lo Ess TX Navy/Cream new styles cheap online clearance get to buy from china cheap online 25T3V
, also describes the application of falsification tests, but to postmarketing surveillance of medications.)

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